If you’re looking to infuse the rich flavors of cannabis into your favorite recipes, then cannabis butter is a must-have ingredient. It allows you to easily incorporate the therapeutic benefits of cannabis into your cooking, while also adding a delectable twist to your dishes. Making cannabis butter in a crockpot is an easy and efficient method that ensures a potent and flavorful end result. Let’s dive into the best easy cannabis butter recipe using a crockpot.

– 1 cup of unsalted butter
– 1 cup of ground cannabis flower (decarboxylated)
– 4 cups of water

1. Set your crockpot to the lowest temperature setting. This will help prevent the cannabis from overheating and losing its potency.
2. Add the butter and water to the crockpot and allow the butter to melt completely.
3. Once the butter has melted, add the ground cannabis to the crockpot. Mix well to ensure that the cannabis is evenly distributed throughout the butter.
4. Cover the crockpot with a lid and let the mixture simmer on the low heat setting for 4-6 hours. Stir occasionally to prevent the cannabis from sticking to the bottom.
5. After 4-6 hours, turn off the crockpot and let the mixture cool for a while. This will allow the flavors to infuse properly.
6. Place a cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer over a heatproof container, such as a mason jar. Slowly pour the mixture through the strainer, allowing the liquid to strain into the container. This will help remove any excess plant material from the butter.
7. Once the liquid has strained completely, discard the leftover plant material and let the butter cool to room temperature.
8. Finally, refrigerate the cannabis butter for at least 2 hours or until it solidifies. Your homemade cannabis butter is now ready to be used in various recipes!

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Now, let’s dive into some commonly asked questions about making cannabis butter in a crockpot:

Q1. Can I use salted butter instead of unsalted butter?
A1. It is recommended to use unsalted butter as it allows you to control the salt content in your recipes.

Q2. How much cannabis should I use?
A2. The general rule of thumb is to use 1 cup of ground cannabis flower for every 1 cup of butter.

Q3. Can I use already vaped cannabis (AVB) instead of fresh cannabis flower?
A3. Yes, you can use AVB, but keep in mind that it may result in a less potent butter.

Q4. Can I use a higher temperature setting on my crockpot to speed up the process?
A4. It is not recommended to use a higher temperature setting, as it may degrade the cannabinoids and terpenes in the cannabis.

Q5. How long can I store cannabis butter?
A5. Properly stored cannabis butter can last up to 2-3 months in the refrigerator.

Q6. Can I use cannabis butter in any recipe?
A6. Yes, you can use cannabis butter in any recipe that calls for regular butter. However, be mindful of the potency and adjust the amount accordingly.

Q7. Can I freeze cannabis butter for long-term storage?
A7. Yes, you can freeze cannabis butter to extend its shelf life. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container.

Q8. Can I use a slow cooker instead of a crockpot?
A8. Yes, a slow cooker can be used interchangeably with a crockpot for this recipe.

Q9. How long does it take to feel the effects of cannabis butter when consumed?
A9. The onset of effects can vary from person to person, but it usually takes around 30-90 minutes to feel the full effects.

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Making cannabis butter in a crockpot is a simple and effective way to infuse cannabis into your favorite dishes. With this easy recipe, you can enjoy the benefits of cannabis in a delicious and versatile form. So, get creative in the kitchen and explore the endless possibilities of cannabis-infused cooking!