Best Easy MK11 Forge Recipes 2021

Best Easy MK11 Forge Recipes 2021

The forge is an essential component in Mortal Kombat 11 (MK11), allowing players to craft various items and gear to enhance their gameplay. Whether you’re looking to create powerful Konsumables or upgrade your gear, knowing the best forge recipes can give you a significant advantage. In this article, we’ll explore the top easy MK11 forge recipes for 2021.

1. Amplifying Crystal (200 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Elemental Crystal
– 1x Purity Rune

2. Kombat Kard Icon (200 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Lin Kuei Temple Key
– 1x Shaolin Temple Key

3. Skeleton Key (200 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Lin Kuei Temple Key
– 1x Shaolin Temple Key

4. Elder God’s Spark (250 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Elder God Amulet
– 1x Elder God’s Fire

5. Dragon’s Breath (250 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Elder God Amulet
– 1x Elder God’s Fire

6. Soul Medallion (300 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Soul Essence
– 1x Soul Stone

7. Amulet of Lost Souls (300 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Soul Essence
– 1x Soul Stone

8. Sub-Zero’s Mask (350 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Sub-Zero’s Mask Fragment
– 1x Sub-Zero’s Mask Essence

9. Scorpion’s Spear (350 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Scorpion’s Spear Fragment
– 1x Scorpion’s Spear Essence

10. Shinnok’s Amulet (400 Soul Fragments)
– 1x Shinnok’s Amulet Fragment
– 1x Shinnok’s Amulet Essence

These recipes are easy to obtain, requiring only soul fragments and a few specific items. By collecting soul fragments through various in-game activities, you can quickly gather the necessary resources to craft these powerful items.

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Now, let’s answer some common questions about MK11 forge recipes:

Q1. Where can I find the required items for these forge recipes?
A1. The required items can be found by completing Towers of Time challenges, opening chests in the Krypt, or participating in various in-game events.

Q2. How can I gather soul fragments?
A2. Soul fragments can be earned by completing various activities in the game, such as winning matches, completing towers, or participating in online battles.

Q3. Are these forge recipes available for all characters?
A3. Yes, these recipes can be crafted for any character in Mortal Kombat 11.

Q4. Can I use these items in competitive online modes?
A4. No, these items can only be used in offline modes, such as Towers of Time or Krypt exploration.

Q5. Are there any other rare or powerful forge recipes?
A5. Yes, there are many other powerful forge recipes in MK11. However, the ones listed here are the easiest to obtain.

Q6. Can I sell these crafted items for in-game currency?
A6. No, the crafted items cannot be sold. They are meant to enhance your gameplay experience.

Q7. Do these forge recipes require any specific character-specific items?
A7. No, all the required items for these recipes are universal and can be crafted for any character.

Q8. Can I dismantle these crafted items to obtain the original items back?
A8. No, once an item is crafted, it cannot be dismantled.

Q9. Can I trade these crafted items with other players?
A9. No, trading crafted items is not possible in Mortal Kombat 11.

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By utilizing these easy MK11 forge recipes, you can enhance your gameplay experience and unlock powerful items for your favorite characters. They provide a simple way to upgrade your gear and create powerful Konsumables. So, gather those soul fragments and start forging!

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