Best Easy Regular Kibble Recipe Ark

Best Easy Regular Kibble Recipe for Ark: A Nutritious and Delicious Meal for Your Pets

If you are an avid player of Ark: Survival Evolved, you know the importance of taming and raising dinosaurs and other creatures in the game. To keep them happy and healthy, providing them with the right food is crucial. One of the most popular choices for feeding your pets in Ark is regular kibble. In this article, we will share with you the best easy regular kibble recipe for Ark, ensuring that your pets have a nutritious and delicious meal.

Regular kibble is a staple food in Ark, as it can be used to tame a wide variety of creatures. It provides a balanced combination of nutrients, making it an excellent choice for your pets. Here’s a simple recipe to make regular kibble:

– 2 × Cooked Meat
– 3 × Amarberry
– 3 × Mejoberry
– 2 × Fiber
– 1 × Water

1. Gather the required ingredients. Cooked Meat can be obtained by killing animals and cooking their raw meat. Amarberry and Mejoberry can be harvested from bushes, and Fiber can be obtained by picking up plants or using a sickle.
2. Place the ingredients in a cooking pot or industrial cooker.
3. Add the Water.
4. Start the cooking process and wait until it’s done.
5. Once the regular kibble is ready, transfer it to your inventory.

Now that you have prepared the regular kibble, it’s time to feed your pets. Regular kibble is suitable for a wide range of creatures, including Raptors, Argentavis, and Sabertooths. Feeding them regular kibble will increase their taming efficiency, making the taming process quicker and easier.

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To help you better understand the importance of regular kibble and how it can enhance your gameplay, here are seven frequently asked questions and their answers:

1. What is the benefit of using regular kibble over other foods?
Regular kibble provides a higher taming efficiency compared to other foods, making it an ideal choice for taming creatures faster.

2. Can regular kibble be used for all creatures in Ark?
Regular kibble can be used for a wide variety of creatures, but it’s important to check each creature’s preferred food in the game to ensure the best taming results.

3. How long does regular kibble last?
Regular kibble has a decent shelf life and can be stored for extended periods, making it convenient to have a stockpile ready for taming new creatures.

4. Can regular kibble be used as a regular food source for pets?
Regular kibble is primarily used for taming purposes and is not the most efficient food source for long-term feeding. It’s best to consider other options for regular feeding.

5. Are there any alternatives to regular kibble?
Yes, there are alternative kibble recipes available in Ark, each specifically designed for different creatures. Regular kibble is the most versatile, but other recipes may be more effective for specific creatures.

6. Can regular kibble be used in conjunction with other taming methods?
Regular kibble can be combined with other taming methods, such as using a taming trap or tranquilizer darts, to further enhance the taming process.

7. Can regular kibble be crafted in bulk?
Yes, regular kibble can be easily crafted in bulk using the recipe provided. This allows you to stockpile kibble for multiple taming sessions.

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In conclusion, regular kibble is an essential item in Ark: Survival Evolved for taming creatures efficiently. By following the simple recipe provided, you can create nutritious and delicious regular kibble for your pets. Remember to check the preferred food of each creature for optimal taming results. Happy taming!

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