Best Easy Soft Royal Icing Recipe

If you’re a fan of decorated cookies, cakes, or other baked goods, chances are you’ve come across royal icing. Royal icing is a versatile and popular icing that is commonly used for creating intricate designs and decorations on baked goods. While it may seem intimidating at first, with the right recipe and technique, making royal icing can be easy and enjoyable. In this article, we will share the best easy soft royal icing recipe that will elevate your baked goods to the next level.

The key to a successful royal icing is achieving the perfect consistency. It should be smooth, easy to pipe, and hold its shape once piped. Here’s a simple recipe that will give you a soft and malleable royal icing:

– 2 cups powdered sugar
– 2 tablespoons meringue powder
– 3-4 tablespoons water
– Food coloring (optional)

1. In a large bowl, sift the powdered sugar to remove any lumps.
2. Add the meringue powder to the powdered sugar and mix well.
3. Gradually add water, one tablespoon at a time, and mix until you achieve a thick, but still pourable consistency. You may need to adjust the amount of water depending on the humidity in your kitchen.
4. If desired, add food coloring and mix until the color is evenly distributed.

Now that you have the basic recipe, let’s address some common questions about royal icing:

1. Can I make royal icing without meringue powder?
Yes, you can substitute meringue powder with pasteurized egg whites. Use 2 tablespoons of egg whites per 1 cup of powdered sugar.

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2. How long does it take for royal icing to dry?
The drying time depends on the thickness of the icing and the humidity in your environment. Generally, it takes about 6-8 hours for royal icing to dry completely.

3. Can I freeze royal icing?
Yes, you can freeze royal icing for up to 3 months. Just make sure to store it in an airtight container and thaw it in the refrigerator before using.

4. How can I thin royal icing?
If your royal icing is too thick, add a few drops of water at a time and mix until you reach the desired consistency. Be cautious not to add too much water as it can make the icing too runny.

5. Can I use royal icing on buttercream?
Yes, you can use royal icing on buttercream. Just make sure the buttercream is fully crusted before applying the royal icing decorations.

6. How can I store royal icing?
Store royal icing in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. If you want to store it for a longer period, refrigerate it and bring it to room temperature before using.

7. Can I use royal icing to glue decorations?
Yes, royal icing can be used as an edible glue for attaching decorations to your baked goods. Just make sure it’s thick enough to hold the decorations in place.

8. Can I use royal icing on warm cookies?
It’s best to let your cookies cool completely before applying royal icing. Warm cookies can cause the icing to melt and lose its shape.

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9. How long can I keep decorated cookies with royal icing?
Decorated cookies with royal icing can be kept in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks.

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