Best Easy Spicy Ponzu Sauce Recipe

Ponzu sauce is a tangy, citrus-based sauce that originated in Japan. It is commonly used as a dipping sauce or a marinade for various dishes. The addition of spicy flavors takes this classic sauce to a whole new level. If you’re a fan of heat and zest, this easy spicy ponzu sauce recipe is perfect for you!

– 1 cup of soy sauce
– 1/2 cup of fresh lemon juice
– 1/4 cup of fresh lime juice
– 3 tablespoons of rice vinegar
– 2 tablespoons of mirin (Japanese rice wine)
– 1 tablespoon of honey
– 1 tablespoon of grated ginger
– 1 tablespoon of chili garlic sauce
– 1 teaspoon of sesame oil


1. In a medium-sized bowl, combine the soy sauce, lemon juice, lime juice, rice vinegar, mirin, honey, grated ginger, chili garlic sauce, and sesame oil. Whisk the ingredients together until well combined.

2. Taste the sauce and adjust the flavors according to your preference. If you want it spicier, add more chili garlic sauce. If you prefer it sweeter, add more honey. Feel free to experiment until you achieve the perfect balance of flavors.

3. Once you’re satisfied with the taste, transfer the sauce to a jar or a bottle with a tight-fitting lid.

4. Store the sauce in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes to allow the flavors to meld together and intensify.

5. Your spicy ponzu sauce is now ready to be used! It can be served as a dipping sauce for sushi, sashimi, or dumplings. It also works great as a marinade for grilled chicken, shrimp, or tofu. The possibilities are endless!

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Now, let’s move on to some common questions about this delicious sauce:

1. Can I substitute the soy sauce with a low-sodium version?
Yes, you can use low-sodium soy sauce if you prefer to reduce the salt content.

2. How long can I store the spicy ponzu sauce?
It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

3. Can I use bottled lemon and lime juice instead of fresh juice?
Fresh juice is recommended for the best flavor, but bottled juice can be used if fresh is not available.

4. Is mirin necessary for the recipe?
Mirin adds a subtle sweetness to the sauce, but if you don’t have any on hand, you can substitute it with a sweet white wine or omit it altogether.

5. Can I make the sauce less spicy?
If you’re not a fan of spicy food, you can reduce the amount of chili garlic sauce or omit it completely.

6. Can I use other types of vinegar?
Rice vinegar is traditionally used in ponzu sauce, but you can experiment with other types of vinegar such as apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar.

7. Can I make a larger batch of the sauce?
Certainly! Just adjust the quantities of the ingredients accordingly.

8. Can I use this sauce for stir-frying?
Yes, it can be used as a stir-fry sauce to add a burst of tangy flavor to your dishes.

9. Is this sauce gluten-free?
If you use gluten-free soy sauce, this recipe can be made gluten-free.

Enjoy this easy spicy ponzu sauce recipe and elevate your meals with its vibrant flavors. It’s versatile, easy to make, and adds a delightful kick to any dish. So, get creative and explore the world of spicy ponzu!

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