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The perfect gift for gourmet cooks to create a signature style starting with the bare naked essentials – our five un-infused varietal grape seed oils. Like fine varietal wines our 100% varietal grape seed oils range in character from light and delicate to robust and daring. This pure palette of flavors, presented in a simple yet elegant wooden case, is sure to inspire their culinary creations.
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For the purist gourmet on your gift list – our five un-infused grape seed oils straight from the press! From our delicate Riesling, to our buttery Chardonnay, to our intriguing Melange a Trois blend, to our fruity Cabernet Sauvignon, and, finally, to our scotch-like Merlot, our purely un-infused oils provide a range of flavors as diverse as their varietal wine namesakes.

Our RIESLING oil, with its light and delicate citrus notes, will add a subtle elegance to all of your favorite recipes.

Our CHARDONNAY oil, with its round and buttery taste, and luxurious mouth feel, will become your new everyday oil. Its high smoke point, like all of our grape seed oils, allows you to go from room temperature to high temperature cooking applications without burning or becoming bitter.

Our MELANGE A TROIS oil is an elegant blend of our Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot oils. Just as in a Claret or Cuvee, each element lends a flavor note: Chardonnay butters the earthy Merlot while the Cabernet Sauvignon lends its warm berry notes. This oil makes impressive vinaigrettes and drizzles for halibut and steaks and rounds out any mushroom side dishes.

Our CABERNET SAUVIGNON oil, with its fruit and berry notes, goes equally well with simple dips and sophisticated entrees.

Our MERLOT oil is a robust and complex varietal oil with cocoa undertones and a dense, Scotch-like finish. Use it as your secret ingredient in meat marinades and drizzle over robust cheeses.

Five 148 ml (5 oz) Bottles- $54.95