Eric Leber and his wife, Lori Ramonas, are the Co-Founders of AprèsVin, a  small, family-owned company extracting more goodness from the grape.

Lori was born and raised outside of Boston, MA and Eric was born and raised outside of Seattle, WA.  While growing up in their respective east coast and west coast neighborhoods, they essentially lived on opposite ends of the same street (I-90) only 2,500 miles away!

Lori and Eric met as first-year graduate students at Yale University in New Haven, CT.  Both Lori and Eric hold Ph.D.’s in chemistry.

Eric has had a long association with the wine industry as his dad, Ted Leber, was one of the original 10 Associated Vintners, a group of amateur winemakers who produced the first premium varietal wines in Washington State in the mid 1950s.  Associated Vintners is attributed with helping to launch the premium varietal wine industry in the Pacific Northwest.  Now, more than fifty years later, Eric and Lori are extracting more “goodness from the grape” by using the byproducts from winemaking in the Yakima Valley to produce gourmet varietal grape seed oils and gluten-free flours that are marketed through their recently formed company named “AprèsVin”, which means “after the wine”.  AprèsVin's scripted "AV" logo is the same logo used by Associated Vintners more than half a century ago.   

While AprèsVin was launched as a company in April of 2007, the genesis of AprèsVin was in 2002 when Eric, as a Professor of Chemistry at Heritage University in Toppenish, WA, decided to adopt a more pragmatic and meaningful way to teach chemistry to his undergraduate students.  Instead of conducting textbook experiments in chemistry, Eric’s students experimented with making “value added” products from the pomace left over from winemaking activities in the Yakima Valley.  His students developed the prototypes of more than 50 products, including varietal grape seed oils and varietal grape seed flours, all made from winemaking by-products. Today proceeds from AprèsVin sales support a science scholarship fund at Heritage University.

Lori and Eric are passionate about their oils and flours and love to experiment with them in the kitchen on a daily basis!  For fun Lori and Eric get away from it all with their dogs and horses by “roughing it” at their rustic cabin in the hills outside of Ellensburg, WA, horse camping on the Oregon coast, and trail riding in the mountains of Washington and Oregon.





Eric and Lori in the original Harrison Hill Vineyard in Sunnyside, WA. which produced the first premium varietal wines in Washington State in the early 1960’s under the label of “Associated Vintners”.  In the picture Eric is holding one of the early bottles of wine produced by his father, Ted Leber, one of the ten original Associated Vintners.