Leber has also experimented with papers and plastics, and can show you the results.  He has also looked at a high octane ethanol distillate, and pelletized fuel, which you can also examine up close.The chemist is working with Jim Early, the President of FruitSmart in Prosser.  Early's firm has  been working with fruit by-products for more than two decades.  He and Leber are already in the process of producing over one hundred thousand pounds of grape-seed flour.  And Leber's varietal grape-seed oils, available in Chardonnay, Riesling, and Merlot, are already on the market. 
One client, Christopher Ainsworth, the owner of Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen in Walla Walla , says he uses the Chardonnay Maroc infused oil in his popular Moroccan salad, but he plans also to use it in breads, for sautéing, and in other menu items.
Leber has named his company AprèsVin .  Three months into it's inception, the firm already has twenty clients and five sales representatives in the Northwest.  Leber says he expects growth to skyrocket this year, by ten-fold.
Because AprèsVin has had such a successful beginning, Leber's web developers have yet to put up the company website.  However, it will be on-line in the next few weeks.  Check in the next few weeks for www.ApresVin .com.
 in Prosser... Ruth Johnson, KNDU local news.