Price: $10.95

Our lush Chardonnay oil is smoked over Chardonnay grape vines for an intense, fresh-from-the-flames grilled flavor that pumps up meat and poultry to new heights. Just as the Chardonnay grape is enhanced by an oak barrel, our oil is accented by the smoky woodiness of the vines (Only a very limited quantity available.)

Suggested Uses:

  • Just a touch of this oil elevates ordinary baked ham with rich, dense bacon notes.
  • Everyday chicken dishes taste campfire-grilled.
  • Make the finest slow-cooked pulled pork sandwiches you’ll ever bring to a tailgate party.
  • Enhance your best chili recipe.

Infusion: Chardonnay-vine smoke

Two Sizes Available:
- 5 oz (148 ml) Bottle - $10.95
- 12.7 oz (375 ml) Bottle- $24.95

Units in box: bottle