Our two most popular oils, Lime Riesling and Roasted Garlic Chardonnay, are presented in a tall and elegant wooden case.
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The perfect gift for gourmet cooks who know what they want – our large 12.5 oz bottles of our best selling Lime Riesling and Roasted Garlic Chardonnay oils are just the ticket! No matter what the season or occasion, the versatility of these two infused oils makes them perennial favorites.

Our LIME RIESLING oil will wake up their taste buds with the fresh, bright snap of lime. It’s outstanding in Mexican, South and Central American and Caribbean recipes, is ideal for grilling, marinades and vinaigrettes, and will make fish and seafood come alive!.

Our ROASTED GARLIC CHARDONNAY oil is a restaurant favorite that turns a passionate cook’s kitchen into an instant bistro. They’ll find it will make sautés, grilled meats and pasta dishes simply extraordinary and it will become their “can’t live without” grilling oil.

Two 375 ML (12.5 oz) Bottles- $49.95